Guide To Hair Follicle Testing

Everyone has great career aspirations while growing up. In today’s highly competitive job market, you need to be prepared to face and surmount several different types of challenges. There are times when you could succumb to certain weaknesses, which could adversely affect your professional aspirations. Trying out or worse still getting hooked onto certain types of drugs is one such unfortunate happening, which could ruin a person’s career as well as overall life. The sooner such people get out of the rut, the better for them personally as well as professionally. Organizations to have become savvy these days. They are very particular about candidates that they choose. They want them to be as healthy as possible. A healthy body is supposed to have a healthy mind, which in turn means increased productivity for an organization. That is why in most of the organization’s drug tests are a mandatory requirement.

Hair follicle drug test
Remember, the remnants of drugs usually remain embedded in the hair shaft. For example, let us take someone has taken marijuana. The chemical remnant of the substance would remain detectable in the bloodstream for quite some time. It can be easily found out in a lab test using a hair sample of the person. A hair follicle drug test is the most common type of testing that is done by organizations because it is simple to conduct, as well as highly accurate.
If you are someone who has in momentary weakness taken an illegal drug and is desperate to beat the hair follicle drug test, getting a test clear review, there is one solution in sight. You can try using a hair detoxification shampoo.

Working mechanism of detox shampoos
How do these shampoos work? Well, their working mechanism is quite simple to understand. These shampoos are known to penetrate deep into the hair shaft. They then trigger the release of toxins that are embedded there. If you want to beat a hair follicle test it is recommended that you use the shampoo for at least 10 days. Just in case you have been asked to come to the test at a very short notice, then make sure that you use it at least 4-5 times every day.
The application process is also important. There is no point if you were to just dab a bit of the shampoo and wash it off in a few seconds. The shampoo should remain on your scalp for at least 3-4 minutes. It should soak your entire scalp and be given time to enter the hair shaft structure.

Home remedies that mimic detox shampoos
If you are someone who doesn’t prefer using detox shampoos containing harsh chemical ingredients and want something more natural, then there are several options available too. In fact, you can try your hand at making some of these shampoos at home from certain commonly available ingredients in your kitchen.

One such recipe that you can try out is a mixture of apple vinegar, honey, and lemon. All these three key ingredients are rich in Vitamin C and therefore powerful antioxidants. They will help fight damage-causing free-radicals and bring the luster back to your hair. The ingredients also mimic the qualities of commercially branded detox shampoos and can help you beat the drug tests.

There is another recipe that you can try out. This involves soaking your hair with white vinegar. After about a good half an hour or so you then need to again soak your hair with salicylic acid. Once again after a few minutes massage your scalp with liquid detergent and let it lie on your head for a few minutes. After a few washes using this mixture, chances are that the residual drug material would have left your hair for good.

Organic tree oil is another top hair detox shampoo 2018 idea that has become quite popular with those facing the hair follicle test. The antibiotic properties of the oil lead to more bouncy and voluminous hair. The oil is also a good home remedy for treating dry scalp.

Shave off your hair
There is another way to beat the hair follicle test. It is perhaps the simplest method of them all and doesn’t need you to go on a detox diet or use any of the detox shampoos. It simply requires you to shave off all hair from your body. However, you should also remember that you should completely stop using any drugs. Once you shave off the hair, the strands that grow afterward would be absolutely clean.

Stop using drugs
While using a detox shampoo may be a good temporary solution, the best piece of advice that someone can give a person who is at the threshold of a wonderful career is to stop using drugs. What is the point in continuing with something that is considered harmful to your health? Moreover, once you get to know that there is a hair follicle test around the corner, you should immediately stop using drugs. Remember there are certain drug remnants that can be detected even months after you had consumed the substance. In the best interests of your long-term health and well being, it is best that you stop using drugs once for all.

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